My experience with an Abyssea xp party.



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    My experience with an Abyssea xp party.

    Post by Sweden on Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:25 pm

    Thursday night I joined a shout xp party for abyessa. We went to Tahrongi Canyon and fought black mandies. We all entered with three stones and took us about 30 min's to get to camp. He set each party in the alliance like a normal pty set up had dd's cor/ brd's and healers. or he did a pty with a brd/cor and a pty of blm's/ sch's The xp started out slow about 70xp a kill and 15 curor. Found out though if you keep killing monster and keep the chain going xp gradually rises. we started to get a lot of time chests and xp and curor chest and within 2hr's the xp we were getting was up to 300 a kill another hr we went up to 400xp a kill. By the time we left The last mob we killed gave 598 xp When we left that night we had gained over 211,000 xp and over 64,000 curor, Rumor has it the xp caps out at 600 xp. If the Emph... things are killed that wield a lot of experience or any NM or one of thoes summoner type nm's It kills the xp chain so you don't want to kill thoes. You can also leave abyessa through the maw and renter without penalty but it will break your xp chain. We Had 2 corsair pullers. Light shot seems to work best for sleeping mobs. Sleep cast from blm, rdm. and lullbuy from brds seems to be resisted a lot but can work. Had just one -two people opening chests and one DD to /assist to make sure we were fighting the correct monster. We tried again to xp on friday but we didn't have any luck with Time chest so we only ended up being in there for about 2hr's but by the time we left xp was up to 278 a kill and we earned about 10,000 curor

    Just thought i'd share this experience with everyone,

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    Re: My experience with an Abyssea xp party.

    Post by Gennadi on Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:18 pm

    Great info Sweden, it looks like this is going to be the new and improved way of exp to 99.
    Getting 18 and doing it this way is definitely the better way to go.

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    Re: My experience with an Abyssea xp party.

    Post by Betrice on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:08 pm

    You mean u can leave and come back? I know ez did this but thought there an hour wait to get back in no The first party I went on was frogs, it was awesome!!! Second party was mandys and the chest's were not droping for some reason, maybe we not kill fast enuff idk. We really need to work together and organize this event if u have friends that would be interested in this event let us know. We are looking for mature nice ppl. We have great ppl on ls am very pleased and wanna keep it that way. Now I know how ppl lvl'd to 80 so fast. Want to go as ls

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    Re: My experience with an Abyssea xp party.

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