Heavensward 3.2 and Free Company Events


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    Heavensward 3.2 and Free Company Events

    Post by Aliron on Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:14 am

    Hello one and all, sorry I haven't been on the forums much of late, but I'm pretty much back into the full swing of things now.
    We do have a Guildworks page http://mfc.guildwork.com/ which will have a schedule of events, currently I'll be hosting Primal Farming for mounts and music scrolls on Fridays, we'll need 4-8 people to do the fights.
    Second on Sundays will be one of two things, Crystal Tower Raids or Diadem (Both can be done with a full alliance of 3 parties) The crystal tower music scrolls sell for a lot (I personally want to learn the music) so come one and all we'll try to alternate these things so that they don't feel stagnant.  There may be more events coming down the line.

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