How to Obtain Ghastly Stones


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    How to Obtain Ghastly Stones

    Post by Gennadi on Fri May 24, 2013 9:49 pm

    Ghastly Stones are used to augment Skirmish weapons.

    Obsidian Fragments

    During Skirmishes, players can receive an event-specific and player-specific currency known as Obsidian Fragments. Obsidian Fragments can be obtained in two ways:

    Defeat monsters in the Skirmish. Up to ~10 fragments may be obtained per normal monster (Cirdas and Rala) and up to ~30 per notorious monster (Rala only)
    Utilize the "Obsidian Fragments+" option at a Noetic Ascension. The amount received will vary with the tier of Legs utilized.

    These can be accumulated up to 9,999 (amount per run varies with run size and legs segment tier) and can be spent in two ways:
    Tier I Simulacrum Segments can be purchased from Oston.
    Rala Visage I: 2,600 Obsidian Fragments
    Faithful's Torso I: 2,400 Obsidian Fragments
    Faithful's Legs I: 2,000 Obsidian Fragments

    Ghastly Stones can be purchased from Ornery Dhole once the Inventors' Coalition has been edified with an Emblem.
    Ghastly Stone: 50 Obsidian Fragments
    Ghastly Stone +1: 1,000 Obsidian Fragments
    Ghastly Stone +2: 9,800 Obsidian Fragments

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    Re: How to Obtain Ghastly Stones

    Post by Betrice on Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:25 pm

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