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    Post by Gennadi on Fri May 24, 2013 8:47 pm

    Announcing our next planned event run:


    We will be doing something brand new as an ls tied to the new Seekers of Adoulin battlefields. Skirmish will be an exciting low man 3-6 person "assault" type event where we can farm skirmish weapons (look for a post containing detailed info).

    Not only does skirmish weapons with augmentable stones drop but other high valued items craftable materials and scrolls.

    Here is a breakdown of what Skirmish is all about:

    Eligibility Requirements

    3-6 party members at level 95 or above
    Leader must possess a "Simulacrum" key item

    Assembling Simulacra

    To participate in Skirmish, the party leader will need to assemble a Simulacrum key item comprised of three Simulacrum Segments, one from each of three categories: Visage, Torso, and Legs.

    The type of Visage selects the Skirmish area and the tier influences the quality of rewards (specifically, the quality of Ghastly Stones received ).

    The tier of Torso chooses the Skirmish level. This influences the size of the Skirmish area, maximum time allotted, objectives to complete, and number of rewards.

    The tier of Legs sets the number of Noetic Ascensions available (based on the Skirmish size) and the type of effects they may bestow.

    Skirmish Areas

    Rala Waterways (U) entered via Augural Conveyor in Rala Waterways (B/C-6)
    Cirdas Caverns (U) entered via Augural Conveyor in Cirdas Caverns (H-3)


    Upon entering the Skirmish, a primary objective, map size, and time restriction will be set based on the area chosen and tier of Faithful's Torso utilized.

    Once the primary objective is completed, a secondary objective will be assigned which will increase the amount of available rewards. In both areas, certain paths may be blocked until certain monsters have been defeated or a certain objective percentage has been completed.

    When new paths open, a message implying so will be stated in the chat log. All monsters in Skirmishes are true aggressive based on the normal aggro and link mechanic of their monster family (true sight/true sound/magic/low HP aggro) and check "very tough" at level 99.

    Rala Waterways (U): Contains several Notorious Monsters scattered amongst many normal monsters and the objectives are to defeat the notorious monsters present.

    Cirdas Caverns (U): Contains several normal monsters which spawn many more monsters when engaged or defeated and the objectives are to defeat all monsters present.

    Noetic Ascensions

    Noetic Ascensions yield benefits for the entire party upon use Each Noetic Ascension may be used to bestow one benefit to the entire party, and each benefit may only be selected once per run

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