Welcome to the new EventLS Section


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    Welcome to the new EventLS Section

    Post by Gennadi on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:03 pm

    [size=12]Welcome to the new Marvels Event LS section. This is our new Linkshell that will concentrate on endgame events suited for level 70+ people.

    We are not a traditional endgame shell who only do dynamis/limbus/salvage/einherjar or do Hnm's.

    I feel there are too many of those already and too few good ones to find. What this shell provides is a more casual Mission/Assault/Burning Circle/Quest/Nm Battle based approach to getting what we need done.

    We will provide more things to do, more variety than just the repetitive 5 end game choices.

    One of the goals of this shell is to provide a way for our members to completing their choice of events in a manner that will take as little time as possible and at the same time reaching to as many people as possible.

    How many times have you spent hours /shouting for 1-2 more people to get an event done or had to cancel an event because the person that said they would be there doesn't.

    This shell will approach those problems with making sure the event gets completed by going in with the min amount needed for a successful run.

    Thanks for applying and welcome Smile

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