Rules & Guidelines


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    Rules & Guidelines

    Post by Gennadi on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:02 pm

    MarvelsLS Event Rules and Guidelines

    Those that wish to participate in our new event linkshell should follow and maintain these rules & guidelines to ensure a fair and fun experience for everyone.

    All events will be scheduled and posted at least 3-5 days in advance as so members can notify the group if they cannot attend

    Events will be scheduled on days/times where as many of us will have the chance to be on and participate.

    Everyone should be at “gather together” area at least 10-15 min before event starts to go over strategies and last minute battle plans.

    People applying should have at least 1 level 80+ job to be accepted into the group

    There will be no negative talk of any kind towards another member of this group in public chat. Any problems should be directed to the group leaders for dealing with a solution.

    Excessive use of foul or any racist language will not be tolerated. If you cannot express your self in a mutual respectable way then do not apply.

    Respect one another and you will be shown the same courtesy. Competitiveness is welcome but over dramatic people will not be tolerated.

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