Dynamic Dynamis Guide

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    Dynamic Dynamis Guide

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:13 pm


    Below please click on the links for each city for more information including specific proc's for monsters and time extention maps (made by yours truly ^^). *This guide is still in progress*

    First Four Cities

    Requirements to enter: Level 65, MMission 5-2 completed for your nation.

    Key Items required to enter:

    Vial of Shrouded Sand: (zone into xarcabard for cutscene after obtaining rank 6 in your home nation; then go to any of the four cities and click on the trail markings to recieve this key item)

    Prismatic Hourglass: Obtained by trading 50,000 gil to Haggleblix (Beadeaux Entrance), Antiqix (Castle Oztroja Entrance) or Lootblox (Davoi Entrance).

    After defeating the four bosses in the first four cities you may enter Beaucidine Glacier.

    • Dynamis - Beaucidine Glacier

    After defeating the boss in Beucidine Glacier you may enter Xarcabard.

    • Dynamis - Xarcabard


    To enter dreamlands you must have completed CoP 3-5: Darkness Named and also have fulfilled all the requirements to enter the first four cities.The rules for procing are much different here.

    • Dreamlands - Buburimu
    • Dreamlands - Qufim Island
    • Dreamlands - Valkurm

    After defeating the boss in the first three Dreamlands you qualify to enter Tavnasia

    • Dreamlands - Tavnasia

    Relic Equipment



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