The Dreaded Lamps

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    The Dreaded Lamps

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:04 pm

    Lamp floors are among the most difficult floors encountered in Nyzul Isle and many statics have come to a screeching halt or rage-quit over them. There are two floors that cause people headaches. The “Activate all @ once” and the dreaded evil “Activate all Lamps in a Specified Sequence.” But fear not, there is hope and once you get the hang of them they can be one of the fastest floors you encounter.

    Activate all Lamps in a Sequence

    The first thing everyone should decide is who is going to stay at the Rune. These floors only ever have 5/6 4/6 and 3/6 (I’m not certain how low man group lamp floors operate, maybe someone can fill us in, in another post). 5/6 lamps seems to be the most common among the three, 4/6 happens about ¼ of the time and 3/6 lamps happen…well…I’ve never actually seen one in any of the runs I’ve been on and I’ve been on around 60 runs so far. The person staying at the rune should be a job that cannot kill or sleep monsters. Pet jobs should not be @ Rune, because they can activate lamp even if their pet is engaged in fighting. Rune person is normally a War or Drk or something along those lines.

    Ok so you’ve picked the Rune person. Now it’s time to move on out. There are 3 kinds of lamp floors and you will not know until you actually click on one of the lamps. Please note that when you reach a lamp, whether first, second, third, etc. You need to activate the lamp right away and type /. In fact you need to be typing / every time you click the lamp or you will ruin the entire floor and the sequence if you do not do this. Be prompt and activate your lamp as soon as the person giving lamp orders tells you to.

    The Lamp Coordinator should be the only person giving orders, THE ONLY ONE. Don’t interfere or suggest things, it’s useless to do so unless they are blatantly missing a combination. Don’t talk during lamp activation sequences except to type / and tell the Lamp Coordinator that your lamp is still on or it has gone off. To tell the Lamp Coordinator when your lamp is off, you can either type O or type out OFF, either way let the group know as soon as it goes off, so the planning for the next sequence can begin (I’m going to make the planning really easy for the groups to do).

    Which brings me to my next point, and it is the key to completing these floors quickly. After each lamp has been activated it is important for you to mention whether it is remaining on or it has deactivated. After a failed sequence all lamps deactivate in around 10 seconds, unless you are in the correct order. So for example Genn, Hak, Bra, Gene, EZ was the sequence and Ez’s lamp was remaining lit then it would mean that EZ activated his lamp in the correct order and you could eliminate all the orders where he was not last. With this in mind, you can quickly run through a few sequences and should be able to finish the floor in just a no more than 3-5 attempts.
    I’m going to show you how to get the sequence in 5 attempts (this includes the first one when everyone first hits the lamp, if you were able to coordinate with everyone and know the order they activated).

    It will never take more than 5 attempts using my method, so just follow it. The Lamp Coordinator needs to write a random sequence of people down on a sheet of people after everyone is at their lamps. The only way to show you my method is simply to write it out. (I’ll be showing the very WORST case scenario, try any others out yourself it works no matter what you do Razz Underline people when they are in the right order to lock them in place)

    Hidden Sequence: Genn, Hak, Bra, Gene, Ez
    Ez, Genn, Hak, Bra, Gene ========> Nothing
    Gene, Ez, Genn, Hak, Bra ========> Nothing
    Bra, Gene, Ez, Genn, Hak ========> Nothing, I hope you see the pattern now.
    Hak, Bra, Gene, Ez, Genn ========> Nothing
    Genn, Hak, Bra, Gene, Ez ========> Yay they all line up.

    I’m sure everyone was able to see the pattern, for those that didn’t the key is to simply move everyone over 1 position each time until you hit the right combination. Go ahead and try out any combination, normally you’ll get there in 3-4 tries. Don’t use your instincts as it will probably mess up the order, just follow this method like your run depended on it.

    *If you catch agro you had better be able to deal with it yourself, and rather quickly or you may cause the whole run fail. If you’re a mage, sleep your target and do not engage, even if u think u can pwn it, just sleep, so u can finish faster. If you get a nasty nm that wants to munch on your face and will likely kill you, then simply take it somewhere safely away from the lamp and die, and tell the person at Rune to come take your place.


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    Re: The Dreaded Lamps

    Post by Geneve on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:05 am

    Good job on organizing this info! Seems pretty straight forward. Thanks!

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    Re: The Dreaded Lamps

    Post by Gennadi on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:45 am

    Thank you Hak for this, it seems to make more sense now

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    Re: The Dreaded Lamps

    Post by jackofblades on Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:25 am

    good person to have as caller for lamps is the person at the rune. being that 99% of the time they dont have to worry about agro and can focus solely on finding the right order


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    Re: The Dreaded Lamps

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