Event Schedule October 7-10 2010


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    Event Schedule October 7-10 2010

    Post by Gennadi on Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:14 am

    Moblin Maze Mongers

    Thursday October 7 Late Evening start.
    Sanitization Team Alpha:
    Slay all enemies within the maze.
    The lowest level member of the party determines the level range of the monsters in the maze. The monsters will check between Decent Challenge and Tough to the lowest level character in the party.

    Once we start purchasing more runes with marbles we can advance to harder Sanitization runs.


    Friday October 8 Late evening start
    More info about runs will be posted soon

    Open Weekend

    We will give the rest of us the chance to catch up on any mission whether it be ZM, CoP or anything else you need.

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