Event Schedule Sept 29, Oct 2-3 2010


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    Event Schedule Sept 29, Oct 2-3 2010

    Post by Gennadi on Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:10 am

    Moblin Maze Mongers

    Wednesday September 29 Thursday September 30 Evening start.
    Sanitization Team Alpha:
    Slay all enemies within the maze.
    The lowest level member of the party determines the level range of the monsters in the maze. The monsters will check between Decent Challenge and Tough to the lowest level character in the party.

    Once we start purchasing more runes with marbles we can advance to harder Sanitization runs.

    AF NM Seals
    Saturday and Sunday October 2-3 2010

    We will do farming runs for your AF seals:
    More info about what nm's popped and timed will be posted before event day.
    Saturday October 2 10 Pm est gather time (start time might be later)
    Ok the following NM's we will go after:

    Mielikkie will redo fight on another run
    Abyssea - Attohwa
    Job: Black Mage
    Family: Treants
    Weak to: Fire, Ice
    Strong to: Lightning

    Spawned by trading Great Root to ??? @ (K-8}


    * Bloom Buckler (???%)
    * Caller's Seal: Head(SMN) (???%)
    * Ferine Seal: Head(BST) (???%)
    * Navarch's Seal: Head(COR) (???%)
    * Cirque Seal: Head(PUP) (???%)
    * Temporary Bottle of Ascetic's Gambir (???%)
    * Temporary Key Item Jade Abyssite of Sojourn (???%) (everyone in alliance will get this key item)

    Special Abilities Passive Traits

    * Arbor Storm: Large-radius ('30) AOE Knockback and Damage, plus Weight effect. He gains Stoneskin after use. Blocked by 3 shadows.
    * Leaf Storm: AoE Damage.

    Passive Traits
    Pops with Stoneskin up.

    Magical Qualities

    # Casts Earth-based spells. Stoneja, Stonega III and Stonega IV. Also uses Sandstorm on itself.
    # Can cast an AoE Addle.
    # Vulnerable to Fire-based and Ice-based spells. Highly resistant to Thunder-based spells, including Stun

    So this NM will resist stun seems we need alot of silence on this guy. From what i have been reading so far pet jobs seems to work wonders for this fight. Beastmasters, Summoners, and Ranged Attack is what we will focus on. Strat may change depending on the jobs we bring.

    Pallid Percy
    Abyssea - Attohwa
    Job: Black Mage/Red Mage
    Family: Worms
    Crystal: Information Needed
    Weak to: Information Needed

    Spawned by trading a Blanched Silver to ??? @ (J-7)/(J-8}


    * Estoqueur's Seal: Head RDM (???%)
    * Creed Seal: Head PLD (???%)
    * Raider's Seal: Head THF (???%)
    * Unkai Seal: Head SAM (???%)
    * Incantor Stone (???%)
    * Temporary Key Item Mucid Worm Segment (???%)

    Special Abilities:

    * Draw In
    * Mud Stream: AOE Earth damage Resist Vs. Earth, may inflict Magic Defense Down, Slow Slow, Bind Bind, and Rasp Rasp (approx. 25HP/tick); Can only be used after drawing in

    Passive Traits:

    Takes reduced damage from Atonement and Spirits Within.

    Magical Qualities:


    * Enfeebling Magic:Graviga Weight, Slowga Slow, and Silencega Silence
    * Elemental Magic: Resist Vs. Wind Aero V, Aeroga IV, Resist Vs. Earth Stone V, Stonega IV

    Since this guy is a worm he doesent have feet and wont run after us tongue
    So we will stun his nukes, throw pets at it and nuke/dot. Should be a fun fight Cool

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