Af Seals to hunt for


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    AF 3 Seals

    Post by Aliron on Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:23 pm

    There are several ways to get seals in Abyssea, some from quests, others from NMs or both. Those that would like to fight the NMs for the seals please put up a post of what seal and if you also know the NMs that drop them let us know which ones at what is needed to pop that NM. We can try to get some runs done so we all have a nice shiny set of AF 3+1 and eventually the +2 version as well^^

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    Re: Af Seals to hunt for

    Post by Aliron on Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:48 pm

    The seals I'll need are for RDM and there are several NMs that have the seals

    RDM Hat Seals: (Abyssea-Attawa)
    Pallid Percy [Worm] Pop with Blanched silver to ??? at (J-7)/(J-8}
    -Pop item can be obtained from worms in the area
    --Also drops seals for PLD, SAM, THF Head
    Wherwetrice [Cockatrice] Pop with Mangled Cockatrice Skin to ??? at (I-8}
    -Pop item can be obtained from Amuckatrice mobs in area
    --Also drops seals for WHM, BLM, SCH head

    RDM Legs Seals: (Abyssea Misreaux)
    Gukumatz [Piest] Approximately every 45 minutes among the Maritime Peiste at (J-11).
    --Also drops seals for BLM, SCH, WHM Legs
    Sirush [Lizard] Trade Molt Scraps to ??? at (J-11)
    -Pop items probably drops from Dusk Lizards in this zone(Not yet confirmed)
    --Also drops seals for SCH, RNG, BST Legs

    RDM Feet (Abyssea Vunkerl)
    Iktomi [Spider] Respawns Roughly 30~60 minutes after last defeat in area of regular Spiders of zone
    --Also Drops seals for SAM, PLD, and THF feet
    Seps [Puk] no confirmed info yet, but probably pops near the puks of area, if there is a ??? spot near then we can try to trade Opaque wing to it which is dropped by nearby puks
    --May also drop seals for BLM, WHM, and SCH Feet, again no confirmation yet

    -The worm will probably be the easiest if mana-burned, and with a WHM for Afflatus Misery + Esuna, spell casters should of course have echoes for both Attawa mobs
    -Both Misreaux mobs have a petrify move, the lizard can be avoided by turning away, but have stona available just in case
    -In Vunkerl the spider can mass slow, and do damage with sickle slash which can be potent, the puk can use shadows, dispell, and may be able to use white wind which is seen in besieged

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    Re: Af Seals to hunt for

    Post by Betrice on Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:53 pm

    Blm Head: 8 Goetia Seal's
    NM's in Attohwa
    Amuchatrice, Cockatrice, drops orison, Savant's, Goetia, Estoqueur's, Head seals also drops Divinus Grip and key item Jade Abyssite of Expertise
    Spawned by trading Mangled Cockatrice skin to ??? I-8 Pop item drops from Amuckatrice around I-8 I think

    Aggressor Antlion, found on West side of E-8 north of the rear/fore traps. Funnel Antlion hide underground here. Head seals: Caller's, Goetia,savant's, Aoidos', Cirque also drops Magnus Pole

    Blazing Eruca, Trade an Eruca Egg to ??? Looks like Eruca hang out down around I-10. Don't say were NM pop's. Head seals: Bale, Iga, Goetia, Cirque also drops Vihuela and Key item Bulbous Crawler
    Blazing Eruca a Crawler

    Legs: 8 Goetia Seal: Legs
    NM's in Misareaux
    Gukumatz, Peiste. Approximately every 45 minutes among the Maritime Peiste at J-11
    Leg seals: Estoqueur's, goetia, Savant's, Orison, also drops Magnus Toporok and key item Molted Peiste Skin.

    Nonno, Mandragora. Trade a Worm-Eaten Bud to ??? @ L-11. Leg seals: Goetia, Iga, Bale, Cirque, also drops Macero Grip. Drop item prolly drops from Mandys in area idk

    Don't have Feet yet. This looks like alot of work. Neutral


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    Re: Af Seals to hunt for

    Post by Mastadon on Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:27 am

    Abyssea Artifact Gear parts pieces and bits of interest...
    Ravager's Calligae from A-Attohwa
    Ravager's seal: Feet x 8 from Div-e Sepid (E-11) A-Vunkerl
    Stone of Voyage x 6 from Bukhis, spawned by checking ??? @ (G-10) with Ossified Gargouille Hand, Ingrown Taurus Nail, and Imbrued Vampyre Fang in A-Vunkerl.

    Ravager's seal: Legs x 8 from Npfundlwa, spawned with Black Rabbit Tail to ??? (J-8} @ A-Misereaux. Or from Heqet, spawns every 30-60 mins @ (I-6) A-Misereaux. Or also from Manohra, spawned trading Avian Remex to ??? (H-9) *links with Frigatebird*
    Stone of Balance x 6 from Cirein-croin, spawned by trading Glistening Orobon Liver, and Doffled Porrogo Hat to ??? (H-5)A-Misereaux.

    Ravager's seal: Head x 8 from Gieremund found in the (F-6/7) area among Inugami in A-Attohwa. Or Granite Borer, spawned by trading a Whithered Cocoon to ??? (K-10) A-Attohwa.
    Stone of Vision x 6 from Itzpapalotl, required key items are Venemous Wamoura Feeler, Bulbous Crawler Cocoon, and a Distended Chigoe Abdomen.

    Ravager's Gorget: from Balaur, spawns around (L-7) amongst the Wyvern in the area. A-Konschtat.


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    THF and SCH

    Post by flexiblefoam on Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:30 am

    I need to get SCH and THF seals. I'll talk about it more in game, but I'll come along with ppl to help with seals as well.


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    Re: Af Seals to hunt for

    Post by minotaur21ri on Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:16 pm

    I need the follow Seals:


    Estoqueur's Seal: Feet
    Estoqueur's Seal: Legs
    Estoqueur's Seal: Head

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    Re: Af Seals to hunt for

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