Event Schedule Sept 18-19 2010


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    Event Schedule Sept 18-19 2010

    Post by Gennadi on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:34 pm

    Ru'Aun Gardens
    Saturday September 18 2010 Late evening start.
    Drops are as follows:

    * Seal of Genbu Sack lot
    * Arctic Wind Sack Lot
    * Adaman Ingot Free lot
    * Adamantoise Shell Free lot
    * Beetle Blood Free lot
    * Divine Log Free lot
    * Venomous Claw Free lot
    * Oxblood Free lot
    * Genbu's Shield Aliron
    * Genbu's Kabuto Free Lot
    * Aquarian Abjuration: Hands Free lot

    * Aquarian Abjuration: Head Free lot

    * Martial Abjuration: Hands Free lot

    * Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet Free lot

    As with all abjuration drops you will have to craft or purchase the cursed versions

    Cuelebre Will be rescheduled for a later run date
    Abyssea - Tahrongi 20-60 minute Timed Spawn among the Nauls at (E-9)

    Information about this NM:

    Always flies and does not mêlée.

    * Attacks appear to be earth magical damage (reduced by Saline Coat, Barstone, and Earth Carol).
    * Will take mêlée damage despite being in the air while Mighty Strikes is active.

    Can use Bai Wing for ~600. Additional effect Slow can proc on Bai Wing, but can be resisted with earth resist setup, Barstone and Earth Carol.

    * If you pull it down through the encampment toward Conflux #3, there is a somewhat hidden ledge where the alliance can stand without danger of getting hit by AOE if the NM is tanked further down the hill. Similar to Astral Flow in prime avatar fights.

    Will spam Ochre Blast after using Mighty Strikes (will use it multiple times).

    * Can be avoided in the same way as Bai Wing, but you'll need to stay on a tank's HP for this part of the fight.

    Ochre Blast does roughly 350-400 per use.
    Can cast Slowga(overwrites Haste), Stoneskin(can dispel), and Breakga.

    * Seems to only use Breakga at low HP.

    Does not use Draw In.
    Has increased movement speed.
    Unlike Ouryu, Cuelebre is susceptible to Stun. Additionally, Temporal Shift landed reliably without a Thunder Staff, even though he seems to be resistant to Thunder spells.
    The quest Tangling with Tongue-twisters has this NM as a goal kill.
    Appears to rage after a certain time. After about 45 minutes - 1 hour all damage was resisted for 0 damage except from Summoner BP's and Damage Over Time spells. Only by wiping and letting it regen did damage become able to be dealt again. (Possible this "rage" might be activated by "!!" Weakness.) Verification Needed
    During this phase, its magical regular attacks, as well as Bai Wing and Ochre Blast receive a boost in damage, hitting for upwards of up to 300(regular), 600-800(Bai/Ochre) on a non-tank job.

    Drops from this Nm:
    * Cuelebre's Horn Free lot (magian item)
    * Auric Dagger Free lot
    * Wyrm Horn Free lot
    * Tantra Necklace Betrice
    * Clot Plasma Free lot
    * Buffalo Meat Free lot
    * Dragon Meat Bank Lot
    * Deathstone Free lot
    * Diamond Free lot
    * Topaz Free lot
    * Ruby Free lot
    * Kunwu Ore Free lot
    * Temporary Key Item Viridian abyssite of destiny

    We will need the following jobs in order for this to be successful:

    Tank, Blm's, Rdms, Ranged and any DD
    Everyone that participates will receive 5 points towards reward system

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